Powerful Dashboards

Live OEE Dashboard

A complete view on productivity with a real-time status. Have a look what is actually going on in your production. OEE dashboard is designed to provide an accurate data with all the information needed to reduce production loss and increase productivity.

Know Productive Hours

OEE Dashboard display the runtime of industrial machines showing hours in which the machines are in operating conditions. Compare the data with your scheduled/planned operating hours to know the real working efficiency of your machines.

Visualize Performance & Quality

The data on performance of machines and quality of productivity will be shown in good clarity and simplicity in dashboard. Provides a better understanding on machines performance and helps in identifying opportunities to improve efficiency.

Compare Performance

Evaluate and display the OEE values indicating the overall performance of industrial productivity system in a dashboard. Indicates gap between actual and ideal performance of industrial operation. Check OEE of individual machines separately to compare the performance of each machines.