OEE Dashboard – Your KPIs Tracked & Monitored

The maintenance metric (overall equipment effectiveness) tool that empowers the equipment performance

Industry 4.0 manufacturing to reduce manual entry

Real-time OEE data

Get live OEE data from your machines on the production floor

Real time tracking of OEE data along with availability, performance and quality. Track and monitor the live OEE data in real time of the shop floor. The total end-to-end OEE report with detailed information on production permits you to focus on progress and make essential decisions and have better production control. Recognized defects in the OEE data of the production line can be addressed to help up your manufacturing productivity.


Production visibility tool displays real-time OEE performance

Dashboard displays live OEE information on the shop floor is especially useful to machine operators. A total view on efficiency with real-time status. See what is really happening in your production. OEE dashboard is intended to give exact information (i.e) all the data expected to lessen production loss and improve productivity.


Shift view

Make a deeper analysis of machine performance

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Reports can be generated on a schedule (shift-wise) on-demand, periodically updated on an OEE report. Drill down further into each machine’s performance in the production line for a deeper analysis in shift-wise with production reports. Make your analysis easier and predictive by actually taking a look at the efficiency in shift-wise.

Manage machines

Optimize shop floor performance with machine management

Overall equipment effectiveness is frequently considered to be a machine managing tool for use in production operations. Check the individual machines OEE data to compare the performance of each machine separately to know their run time & productive time. Managing the overall & individual machine performance by establishing the standard cycle time to analyze the machine’s OEE metrics into a consolidated view.



Get your OEE reports to monitor each machine’s performance.

For production management, it is important to get an overview of the machine’s performance daily. The OEE report analysis gives you this information when comparing the OEE of your machines. To evaluate each machine’s performance then download the reports for better understanding. You can look at a glance which machine is having problems and whether there is a need for action. You can get your general hourly production report with availability, performance, and quality and analyze the manufacturing activity and the physical flow of production.

Downtime & Quality Tracking 

Analyze downtime & quality tracking to  prioritize maintenance

Operators are regularly tasked with recording downtime events and bad quantity products manufactured at the machine. Downtime tracking can incorporate fundamental data, for example, start and stop time and the justification for the downtime. Identifying the reason for downtime & bad quantity, then managing it will increase the productivity in manufacturing.


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