Frequently Asked Questions

What is OEE?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a quantitative metric for measuring the productivity of individual equipment in industries. It calculates the overall performance of the industrial production system and helps to identify big losses. OEE reports the lagging and defective area in the production system.

What is Pace DPR?
Pace DPR is a production monitoring system that monitors daily production in industries. It evaluates OEE, Availability, Performance, and Quality of industrial productivity. It has been designed to provide a real-time status with perfect visualization of all performance parameters.
Is Pace DPR suitable for all manufacturing industries?

Yes. Pace DPR suits all types of manufacturing industries and provide end to end OEE data about each and every level of the manufacturing process. It provides complete support to the manufactures.

Does the data provided by Pace DPR is easily understandable?

The data on the performance of machines, the quality of the product, and the efficiency of machines will be provided with great clarity and simplicity. Operators can easily understand by having a look at what is actually going on in production. It is designed to provide accurate data with all the information needed.

What are the devices supported?

Pace DPR supports HMIs, DCS, SCADA, Energy meters, Drives, and Sensors.

Is there any option to download reports?

Yes. Reports obtained can be downloaded for further analysis of production to understand the efficiency of the industrial production system and to make necessary decisions. It can be downloaded either in PDF or CSV format.

How it empowers operators?

Pace DPR empowers operators by providing real-time data and results which helps them to focus on improvement. It motivates operators to win each shift and to satisfy production plans.

How it helps to minimize or manage downtime ?

The downtime data provided will help manufacturing industries to manage downtime. Pace DPR allows operators to provide a reason for the downtime. This helps them to focus and analyze the defects in production.

How the data provided by Pace DPR helps in improving production?

Pace DPR provides complete support to industries by providing end to end data from each and every level of the manufacturing process. This allows operators to focus on improvement and make necessary decisions. The imperfections identified can be solved to boost up manufacturing productivity.