Frequently Asked Questions

What is OEE?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a quantitative metric for measuring the productivity of specific machines in industries. It calculates the overall performance of the industrial production system and helps to identify big losses. OEE reports the lagging and defective area in the production system.

What is Pace DPR and the most common application for this service?
Pace DPR is a production monitoring system that monitors daily production in industries. It evaluates OEE, Availability, Performance, and Quality of industrial productivity. It has been designed to provide a real-time status with perfect visualization of all performance parameters. The most common application for this service is measuring, tracking, optimizing production process and increasing the manufacturing productivity.
Is Pace DPR suitable for all manufacturing industries?

Yes. Pace DPR is suitable for a wide range of manufacturing industries, and it is used by management to enhance the performance of the shop-floor. It provides complete support to the manufactures.

Is the data offered by Pace DPR easily understandable?

Machine performance data, product quality data, and machine efficiency data will be provided with great clarity and simplicity. By looking at what is actually going on in production, operators can quickly understand. It is intended to provide accurate facts as well as all essential information.

What are the devices supported?

Pace DPR supports HMIs, DCS, SCADA, Energy meters, Drives, and Sensors.

Is it possible to download reports?

Yes.  Analysing shift-based cumulative reports and hourly production reports will reveal places where OEE can be improved by connecting dots and closing the gap between machine performance and efficiency. These reports obtained can be downloaded for additional production analysis in order to better understand the industrial production system’s efficiency and make essential decisions. It is available in PDF and CSV formats for download.

What role does it play in empowering operators?

Pace DPR gives operators the ability to focus on enhance performance & production improvement by giving real-time data and results. It encourages operators to get effective production on each shift and meet production targets.

How does it contribute to the best management of downtime?

Manufacturing industries will benefit from the data supplied on downtime management and exemption from manual logging. Operators must manually log all significant downtime in order to track the machine’s cycle status in real time. It is superior to the traditional data entry methods of pen and paper & log sheets. Operators can give an explanation for downtime using the Pace DPR. This allows them to concentrate on the production flaws and analyse them.

How does the information provided by Pace DPR help in the improvement of production?

By providing end-to-end data from each and every step of the manufacturing process, Pace DPR gives total support to industries. This allows operators to concentrate on improving their operations and making the appropriate decisions. The flaws discovered can be fixed to increase production productivity.

What are the advantages of enhancing OEE performance?

Improved OEE performance means the company can ship more goods with the same resources, resulting in increased capacity, lower product costs, and improved competitiveness.

Does Pace DPR provide product quality information?

Yes, all capacity losses, including quality losses, are collected by Pace DPR. OEE measures capacity loss as a result of quality related problems, but it also be used to track quality and component problems to provide product quality information.

How accurate is the data provided by Pace DPR?

Pace DPR’s data is very accurate, especially when it is taken automatically from production equipment. Pace DPR must also ensure that any operator errors are properly detected and corrected. On the accuracy, Pace DPR provides 99% provided no interruptions of power and internet.

What is the benefit of using Pace DPR over excels / paper sheets?

Pace DPR was established with OEE data collecting, processing, and reporting in view. OEE solutions based on Microsoft Excel, Access, and paper sheets are only useful in manufacturing industries with a low level of complexity, and even then, they can only generate a limited number of reports. These technologies typically have limited data-capture capabilities and are best suited for transcribing from online data reporting sheets.

What percentage of OEE improvement can be expected from Pace DPR?

Customers often see a 15 % to 30 % increase in OEE. Pace DPR is known for “getting OEE enhancements done.”  Our team of experienced Operations Consultants will analyze operational performance, identify and quantify improvement possibilities, and collaborate with your improvement teams to deliver and maximize OEE with our Pace DPR software.