IoT For Education - Enables Institutions to create next generation students

role of IoT for education

Conduct powerful IoT Courses

Digital era needs a different form of knowledge tools to enable students to learn better and faster. Bevywise IoT Pack enables Institution and faculties to create powerful course curriculum. The learning redefined by the tools available for the IoT device development and data analysis for any vertical will fast forward students to get the real industrial exposure at the classroom.

Live Demonstrations of experiments of the students on the real time problems will increase the interaction the collaboration of students & faculties increasing confidence and technology in each student.

Benefits of IoT in education

End to End Development to Data Analytics

Students of today on campus learn cutting edge technologies build, design and connect to IoT systems from ground up. Students lead the discovery and develop new IoT for education end to end applications using IoT platform analytical features to solve some of the on campus business needs with system and device integration to generate real time information and reports. IoT and data analytic tools leverage to store, manage, capture and analyze data to provide actionable insights to improve effectiveness on campus student activities.

Next generation education

Know what your Students have done

Skillful academic building of students focuses on learning to create and monitor students profiles using IoT for education platform admin console features. Creating and managing the authenticated users access, monitoring and controlling the count of device integration and access to use customize dashboards. Faculties will be able to evaluate the students project by accessing their reports and dashboards from the Admin console common dashboard.

How Bevywise IoT Education pack helps? 

  • Students will be able to simulate the real time scenarios to understand the industrial environment with ease.
  • Build AI / ML based application using the Python algorithms on the Server side.
  • Build edge devices using customized code for their devices.
  • Professor will be able to review and interact with the students / research associates over the development.

Customers using IoT for Education today

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Student Edition

The most common license for single student


Research Edition

Available exclusively to students and faculty

University Edition

For management ideal to share among institution

Single User provided with Simulator and custom MQTT for local installation. Enabled high customization using python and implementation of data analysis and advanced data presentation. Enable Faculties to set up a common server and allow them to value every student based on their project. Students provided Simulator and custom MQTT Clients for their implementation.
For a Non Commercial Usage and for Students own project. Single User license Starts at One faculty license and 100 student access.
IoT Simulator and MQTT Broker provided. IoT Simulator and IoT Platform provided. IoT Simulator and IoT Platform provided.
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MQTT Broker

A complete application suite with inbuild MQTT broker, helps to build powerful IoT/IIoT applications.

IoT Simulator

Comprehensive tool to connect real time IoT application & devices. Develop, and test your IoT devices.

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Enterprise IoT Platform

Highly adaptable server-side platform enables solution provider to deploy IoT/IIoT solutions.