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IoT Tool-set Bundle

Explore real-world IoT applications with our bundled IoT toolset.

Advanced Trainings

Excel in IoT courses with our advanced training for an IoT-driven future.

Center of Excellence

Establish IoT laboratories & develop IoT-related curriculum to bridge the industry divide.

Our key clientele in the field of IoT education

IIT Delhi
IIT Delhi
Deakin University
Deakin University
Edinburgh Napier University
Edinburgh Napier University

Institutions' Yield of Benefits

Hardware-free learning

Hardware-free Learning

Perform data simulations and analyses without the need for any tangible hardware. Utilize the tools that simulate real-world IoT scenarios, allowing students to experiment, analyze, and develop IoT applications without the constraints of physical hardware. This allows students to gain practical experience in IoT technologies.

exposure to IoT tools

Practical exposure to IoT tools

Build a hands-on skill set in the utilization of IoT tools for real-world applications. By emphasizing hands-on learning with IoT tools, educational institutions empower students to become IoT-savvy professionals who can design, deploy, and optimize IoT solutions in various domains.

craft IoT projects

Craft world-class IoT Projects

Leverage our suite of IoT tools to develop cutting-edge projects, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience. This, in consequence, equips them to play a pivotal role in shaping the ever-evolving IoT domain, leading towards a more interconnected and promising future.



Dr. Sharmila Sankar

Professor & Dean, school of MACSI
BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology.

 In our process of enhancing IoT laboratory and real time application knowledge, We have signed up for IoT for Education pack of Bevywise Network which provides complete end to end software tools for the IoT lab for practicing data design to the complete application. The workshop and training provided by well experienced Bevywise team for our faculties, research scholars and students as part of the product was very much simplified and helped us get started with ease with the tools and real time projects.  



Professor,Department of ECE,
The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore.

 I am delighted to express our utmost satisfaction with Bevywise Networks. Their IoT frameworks, including the IoT Simulator, MQTT Broker, and IoT Platform, have empowered our students to simulate IoT data, generate graphical reports, and publish their findings effectively. Bevywise's unwavering support, personalized training sessions, and a 30-day internship for students showcase their commitment to excellence. We proudly recommend their services to any institution seeking excellence in IoT solutions  

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