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Why become Bevywise IoT Partner ?

seize opportunities

Seize opportunities spanning various markets and industries

Bevywise work on the cutting edge technology with a scalable and extendable tools. With nearly a decade of experience working on IoT, Industry 4.0, Education and web 3 technologies as an integrated solution, we can be the right technology partner for creating perfect value to your customers irrespective of size and industry.

co-build solutions

Extend & Build Solutions for your customer

All our tools from framework to Solution to Educational products, everything is extendable and has a build over it option. With little knowledge you will be able to extend and provide appropriate solution for your customer. Our Support team will always stand by you to help you provide excellent solutions to your customers. We will be happy to co build solutions with you.

play at your strengths

Supercharge and Play at your Strengths

The tools are sector agnostic and can help you make it work for any industry. The customers of today need a lot of consulting based on the industry which can be handled by experts like you. Bevywise products and solutions can help you meet your customer with a ready to deploy tool to boost your confidence in parallel.

Sectors we have already served

How can we work together?

General IoT & Data Analytics

Create solutions integrating your application code base for any technical challenges and rely on us for the data collection and processing.

Industry 4.0

Working with the manufacturing companies providing automation or machines or solutions, supercharge your customer happiness with the data tools.

IoT for Education

Passionate about enhancing people's livelihood with educational transformation. Our tools, seminars and courses will broaden your offerings.

Eligibility to be a partner

partner eligibility
  • Established customer base in the region of preference with the capability to generate demand
  • Registered entity and a valid website that exhibits the capabilities of your service in the region
  • Team of experts with sales and wider technical capability to provide solutions on domain you serve

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great to see your interest. Please fill the Partner application form and our team will contact you soon.

No. There is no charge to become a partner.

Your commissions will be transferred to your account at the end of the month on which the customer has paid for the product

Customer can find Bevywise partners from the partner directory.

We have a dedicated team that can help partners with the product specific and industry specific support during the pre sales process.

We can work on a joint development of customer specific projects and the technology and development assistance can be done by us. The revenue and the business model can be discussed based on the project and the execution strategy.

Of course, yes. When you act as a referral, referring where we can integrate our products to provide a solution, we'll provide you 10% on every deal closure.

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