MQTTRoute 3.1 Released

All new MQTT Broker with an extendable auth hooks to integrate central identity access management

Ranked as Top MQTT Broker in the Market

Awarded as the highly scalable and robust MQTT Middleware for any IoT / IIoT Implementation.

Build and Simulate Industrial Applications & Devices

We are experts in MQTT, creating IoT frameworks and tools that collects device status, store, and analyze data to add the intelligence to your operation and simulator that helps you test and develop real devices.

Why Bevywise?

Bevywise provides the MQTT based messaging platform for developing faster, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT applications. We help our customers to sort out new digital business challenges to achieve their goals, increase revenue, and reduce cost by providing IoT technologies with digital solutions for real-world applications. Our industrial IoT solutions help industrial companies to achieve astonishing results in Industry 4.0 mission-critical use cases.

why bevywise

Get Started Building Your IoT Applications With Our Products

We provide you IoT Frameworks and Services that help you know your process better with real-time data collection and analysis and find ways to automate and boost productivity.

IoT Frameworks 

IoT Platform

Enterprise IoT Platform

Build your custom IoT solution leveraging powerful IoT Platform. Allow your customers to manage their devices with ease. Build apps with extensive REST API.

mqtt route

MQTT Broker

Easy to set up enterprise MQTT Broker for small and Medium sized IoT deployments. Comprise of advanced AI/ML integration & other custom hooks to build faster IoT applications.


Hosted MQTT Server

A dedicated server for data privacy & security for industrial & commercial needs that comes with widget creation, AI/ML integration & more.


L4Server (TCP / UDP Server)

Simple L4server for an efficient & effective TCP and UDP data transfer with powerful visualization. Suitable for sensors & devices that send TCP/UDP data.

IoT Tools and Utilities

IoT Simulator

IoT Simulator

Bevywise IoT Simulator is an intelligible simulation tool to simulate tens of thousands of MQTT clients in a single box. Test all your cloud and on-premise MQTT applications.


IoT Dashboard

Live IoT Dashboard Companion for AWS IoT. Visualize Numeric and text data of your real time devices connected to AWS IoT to ensure layman can understand and take actions.

mqtt gateway

MQTT Gateway

MQTT Gateway is a bridge between your sensors / devices connected to the platform. It provides the ability to exchange data between multiple devices and platform.

Industry 4.0 Solutions


Production Monitoring

Get your production analysis easier and predictive with the real-time production monitoring system. Understand the process by measuring OEE and increase your production efficiency.


Production Management

MES to track, monitor & manage all the work in process (WIP) on the shop floor & have a complete visibility, control & optimize your manufacturing processes across the enterprise.


Energy Management

Industries today suffer with rising energy costs. Plan & manage your energy consumption with our energy management solution by taking complete control of energy parameters.

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Customer Testimonials

”The key aspect of the decision to use Bevywise as the solution provider for our needs is definitely the customer oriented approach they have. A direct conversation with a knowledgeable manager rather than deferring to a sales person or an automated commuter is definitely an important feature for us. This along with the continued support and collaborative interaction of their team is what sets Bevywise apart from the rest of providers screened before. “

E. Zamora,

CEO, Versatron Smart Networks

“Bevywise is a trusted international partner for Timetale’s CareForMe subscription service. The capability of the Bevywise MQTT Broker to scale up confidently and flexibly to manage 100,000 concurrent subscribers in Australia and at least 1 million subscribers in USA will generate a future story of potentially huge income and profits for investors and business partners.”

Ian Rowatt,


“The team at Bevywise Networks is IoT domain and technology experts. Their expertise helped us converge on our implementation much easier and faster. We would be happy to recommend Bevywise for any IoT Implementation.”

Sam Lin

eFon Technology, Taiwan

See How Customers Are Succeeding With Bevywise

Power Plant Monitoring

Celikler Holding, collects data from the Modbus interface at their Power Plant Console using the Bevywise Gateway and accumulates it using MQTT Broker. This helps them achieve a manage from anywhere capability.

Industrial Automation

Industries have been recording data manually for centuries. With the advancement of Industy4.0, Versatron manages the complete Foundry process using the IoT Platform and their edge sensors and Gateway.

Home Security

Home Security is a greater concern. Modern homes need next generation technology to enhance security and create better living situation. Efon Technology uses MQTTRoute to manage sensors & Video surveillance.

Customized For Your Industry

The IoT Frameworks tools can be customized in depth to help you automate your Home, smart manufacturing, Smart Cities, logistics, retail, Health care and more.