Refund Policy

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Bevywise Networks products are available for a FREE TRIAL for a month of time. We recommend our users to try the product in the environment they are planning to run the product before the purchase. However We offer a 15 day refund or money back guarantee on the downloadable products purchased from the based on the terms of our refund policy.

A refund will be provided if

  • The product you download is not working as explained in the website.
  • The product you purchased is buggy and not resolved in time.
  • Bevywise team is able to identify that the issue is with the product on your environment after getting proper access from you for reviewing the case.

Refund cannot be provided if

  • The Customer has already tested the product completely before the purchase decision.
  • A customisation is done for the customer over the product based on the customer requirement.
  • The issue the customer is facing is due to the environment on which the customer is running the product. if the environment is as advertised by Bevywise, then the refund will be provided.
  • Due to issues on the dependencies not getting installed on the runtime environment.
  • The product is working as expected for the initial use cases for which the product is bought and later escalated for not supporting new features.
  • It takes a maximum of 24 hours for License key generation after the customer has provided us with the MAC address. The activation delay cannot be cited as reason for requesting a refund.
  • A Complete setup guide is provided as part of the product. User should provide us a reasonable time if he is stuck up with the set up. Our support will help him set it up. He should provide us necessary access. The set up delay should not be a reason for requesting a refund.

For IoT Platform & Services

The platform products are set up directly on the customer hardware with a few open code base. The customer should try our test set up running on the cloud before finalising the decision. As the product is deployed directly on the customer hardware, we cannot provide a refund for the Platform.

The customisation done specific to the customer requirements cannot be refunded if :

  • There is a change in the Specification by the customer inbetween.
  • Change in the environment specified by the customer.

However a partial refund will be provided if

  • ¬†If the delivery is buggy and not in accordance with the specifications initially provided.
  • For any queries or more information contact¬†Support.