An Exhaustive IoT Simulator for IoT/MQTT Application Testing

Bevywise IoT Simulator is an intelligible simulation tool to simulate tens of thousands of MQTT clients in a single box. Develop, Test & Demo your IoT servers and managers.

Test your cloud and on-premise MQTT application without hardware using IoT Simulator


Faster IoT Simulation

Setting up the environment for IoT simulation will be time consuming. Get your testing done in minutes by creating templates for your physical devices or device types with Bevywise IoT Simulator. Also, Develop & test your application without virtual devices and device network. Simulating thousands of unique virtual devices with unique topics & messages within few minutes is now easy using Bulk Creation option. Supports specifying a replaceable place holders for topic names to create and simulate a dynamic network. Store the multiple simulated networks in MySQL database and reuse them for necessity.

Configure IoT Simulator

Configure IoT simulator to send real time messages within a range or from a random set or values based on time and client. Simulate dynamic messages in two message formats such as flat TEXT and complex JSON strings like the real world IoT devices. Supports four types of dynamic values to be sent as a part of messages to flexibly vary the data published in every sequence to make it in sync with the real device. Supports protocol buffers to define a schema for your data using a specification language. Configure IoT events with your predefined data set by uploading CSV file using CSV Importer.

Configure Device Response

Every command sent to the edge device / sensor device / IoT endpoint will have a response form the device once the action is done. Create the real scenario with an automatic response using Behavior simulation, an automatic response engine which will respond to the subscriber based on the received messages & topics. When the simulation request is received, the virtual connected devices start publishing the data to the endpoint. Transform incoming messages and publish different messages as different clients. Behavior simulation supports text based messages.


Reliable MQTT Support

Supports all MQTT essentials such as all levels of QoS, WILL and Retain messages, MQTT Authentication providing IoT security and clean session. Bevywise IoT Simulator works with all standard Broker. Able to connect with Azure IoT hubAWS IoT core, any IoT platform like Bevywise IoT platform and any other MQTT Application or Broker. Hook the data stored to send it to any data visualization tool.

Delicate User Interface

A simple and graphical user interface (gui) that enables customers build / create templates, networks, bulk addition of devices, configure messages and behaviour patterns with much ease. Easy to view events that are published from the connected device and the commands received from the manager / broker application to make the testing easier.


Integrate IoT Simulator

Control Simulation by integrating IoT Simulator with test automation suite using extensive set of Rest APIs for IoT application development. The simulated MQTT Clients can be started & stopped and the simulated data & subscriptions can be controlled at run time in simulator console. Query and update the data of simulation in database using device simulator API at runtime without desisting the simulator.

Python MQTT Simulation

MQTT Simulation with python provides option for extendability to implement your own algorithm. Application developer can write their own code to override the simulation request response configuration. Build your own conditions to send different messages from different clients with Bevywise IoT device simulator solution.


Device Management

The Simulated Device support both publishing and receiving of messages. The devices can be configured to publish ( respond ) to any message based on the data in the incoming message making it more communicative like the real time device. The message behaviour can be made more powerful with the Python.

Supports Google Protobuf

Encode the structured data in a productive yet extendible pattern with Bevvywise IoT Simulator. You can customize your payload in the way you need before sending it. Enables the transfer of data between processes or even between various servers with various architectural styles.

Supports Google Protobuf

Flexibility in Timing of Messages

IoT Simulator helps you time your messages on Start, before disconnect, for a specific time and whole day at specific Interval of time and also at a very specific time of the day. These flexibility of timing will help you create messaging for any scenario.




IoT Simulator as a part of your test bed

Without simulation, IoT networks of millions of inexpensive devices adding upto large captital investments will not be built. Use Bevywise IoT simulator to mimic devices for capacity planning and decreased deployment costs & to test any backend services & IoT applications.

What more you can do with Bevywise IoT Simulator?

Testing AWS IoT Core

Connect & enable robust performance testing for AWS IoT Core

Testing Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Connect & enable robust performance testing for Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Testing Bevywise IoT Platform

Get connected to the IoT Simulator & test Bevywise IoT Platform

Testing standard MQTT implementations

Connect & test your desired IoT / MQTT Broker or any other manager applications

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Easy Demonstration of your application anywhere

All big devices, network and scenario can be pre-configured and kept inside your laptop for a powerful demonstration at trade shows and customer meetings.

IoT Simulator for Application testing

Load Testing

Continuous burst of data

Simulate Large Payload

Simulate Large Networks

Advanced Testing

Protocol error simulation

Device Availability Simulation

Python Interceptor for device behavior

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