Fastest MQTT Broker

Enterprise MQTT Broker helps you connect all your IOT Devices & Sensors. Collect data from the edge devices and store them to any big data engine. Create Rules and triggers with incoming messages & time. Build visualization over data. Integrate with your application.

Connect, Collect & Analyse

A perfect middleware that allows secure connection of devices to collect, store and analyse data in a more secure way

Unique device authentication

MQTT Security

Connect your devices more securely using TLS/SSL with the mqtt broker. Configure static & Dynamic MQTT authentication keys using RESTful API.

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MQTT Gateway & Sensors

Customize MQTT Payload

Store MQTT payload into any of your data store or application using plugins and custom implementation. Receive all you need via hooks to analyse data.

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MQTT Rule engine

Simple RESTFul API

Take control of your edge device by sending commands to a particular device or a group of devices via RESTful API from your application via MQTT Broker.

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Fastest mqtt broker

Enable M2M Communication

Configure powerful rules in the MQTT Broker based on happening events and time to automate the complete workflow and communication between devices.

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MQTT Application integration

Powerful MQTT Gateway

Auto discovery of Sensors, MQTT Bridging to connect edge devices to all IoT Platform. Helps you secure your edge devices and reduce bandwidth.

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Complete MQTT Support

Complete MQTT Support

QoS levels, WILL & Retain Messages, MQTT Authentication & Clean Session as required in the standard. Interoperable with all standard MQTT Clients.

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Flexible Data Storage

MQTT Data Persistence

MQTT Broker by default supports MySQL , SQLite. The data can be stored perennially for future analysis as needed.

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Easy User Interface

Easy User Interface

Clean user interface to view devices, subscriptions and messages. Trigger command based on rules.

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MQTT Broker runs on windows, linux, mac & Raspberry pi

For all Operating System

Supports Windows 7 & 10, Linux, Mac, Raspbery Pi and can be ported to all C based micro OS.


Cloud MQTT Hosting

MQTTRoute is one of the Secure mqtt broker which supports TLS encrption of data, Unique device authentication, private hosting and more. Easily host the broker on cloud or on your private network behind the firewall.