Enterprise MQTT Broker

MQTT Broker - the M2M Communication engine supports Message Transformation, TLS & Data Persistence. Connect all IoT Devices & Sensors based on MQTT & MQTT-SN. Supports MQTT over Websockets.

Complete MQTT Support

MQTT Broker supports all QoS levels, WILL & Retain Messages, MQTT Authentication & Clean Session as per MQTT Specifictations.

Multiple Usernames and passwords in MQTT Broker

Multiple Authentication

MQTT broker can be configured to have multiple username and password to enable clients to connect with unique authentication parameters.

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Auto discovery of IoT Sensors

Auto Discovery of Sensors

MQTT Gateway of the Broker can do the auto discovery of the sensors available. This functionality will work with all standard MQTT-SN Clients.

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Analyze & Transform

Define Data Rules

Rule Engine helps you define criteria based on the data and time to transfrom incoming messages and to publish timed new messages.

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Data Persistence

Data Persistence

MQTT Broker allows you to analyse the data received and sent using your own analytics engine. It supports data storage in SQLite & MySQL.

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Easy User Interface

Easy User Interface

Clean and flexible user interface to view all devices, subscriptions and messages. Allows to configure the forwarding Rules in realtime.

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Operating System

For all Operating System

MQTT Broker supports tens of thousands of devices for Windows 7+, Linux and Mac, Raspbery Pi and all C based micro OS.


Great Performance

We have connected tens of thousands of clients in a single instance of the borker and the performance is best in the market.