Modbus Gateway

Connect your SCADA , microcontroller of your modern machines via RS232 & RJ45 (Ethernet) to pull out data using the Modbus interface. Push data to any IoT Platform like Bevywise, AWS IoT, Google IoT Core & Azure.

Configurable UI

Modbus Gateway consists of configurable user interface which allows user to configure the data location on the Modbus slaves and the corresponding keys for interpreting the data conveniently from the browser window itself. In compliance with the intensity of the process / machines, users can also configure the monitored query interval.

Modbus gateway UI

Compatible with any Platform

Gateway is designed in such a way that it pulls out data from the machines and converts them into MQTT and then it send the MQTT Data to the IoT Platform / MQTT Broker. As the communication is via MQTT, Modbus MQTT Gateway can be compatible with any IoT servers like IBM Watson, Azure Iot, AWS IoT & Google Cloud IoT and Bevywise IoT Platform.

Mobus gateway compatibility with platform

Secure Communication

A Secure way of collecting & transferring data is essential for industries to attain efficiency. Hence, The communication between Gateway and IoT servers can be encrypted using TLS / SSL protocols ensuring a secure and safe data transfer. In addition, the device level auth make secure connection between Modbus Gateway and IoT Platfrom / MQTT Broker.

Secured modbus gateway connection

Run it anywhere

Available as software package that can be run on any Operating Systems or available as bundle over in our hardware. You will be able to set up the MQTT Broker / IoT Platform  at your own premises based on the need.

Download MQTTRoute for Modbus Gateway