Customize your UI

Powerful Visualization

Visualize or present data as live charts, graphs or any data visualization tools as per your own industrial needs by customizing or extending the user interface module with powerful MQTT Broker configuration . Add your own widgets and notifications to the user interface as required for your industry.

Customize the UI for Powerful Visualization
MQTT Broker Configuration to drive decision-making

Drive decision-making

Access, interact and analyse information by creating your own dashboard to make smarter, data driven decisions. Get quick insights into your most essential metrics and data.

Rule Engine – IOT / MQTT Broker

Minimize Edge Device Load

Edge Devices operate with low processing power and not have the luxury to analyse all the messages. Transform and push only the relevant messages to the Clients

Minimize edge device load

Time based Rules

The rule can be set based on a schedule for repeated tasks. It can be scheduled on a range of data or a specific date or a day of the week.

Multiple Transformation

The broker can be configured to send multiple messages to multiple clients for a single message received from any client.

Multiple transformation

Minimize Message Flow

With the clear message rules defined you can minimize the number of topic subscription and number of messages transferred in the network.