MQTT Dashboard

Create Interactive MQTT Dashboard

An exceptionally customizable live MQTT Dashboard to get perfect visuals for your data from MQTT topics. Create your own multiple dashboards in minutes featuring a wide range of pre-built widgets which allows you to control all your IoT / MQTT devices. Oversee all your IoT data within one easy to access spot. No design or coding skills are required. Just lay out the widgets on the dashboard, set up MQTT topics, and relish a stunning and value-bringing picture.


Widgets to visualize data

Widgets are the supreme aspects of a dashboard which makes it visually appealing and illuminating. Add ingenious widgets to devise visually engaging interactive custom IoT dashboards for most IoT / IIoT applications. Make a vivid and intuitive visuals using widgets from your MQTT dashboard — add graphs, charts, gauges and much more. Get utilized with it to your advantage to highlight KPI’s and important numbers from your data.

Visually Display anomalies

Represent and transform your IoT/MQTT data from IoT devices in a pictorial format. Supports multiple chart options such as Line chart, Bar chart, Text, Color and more to display changes in data. Extremely flexible Bar and Line charts for visualization of historical, comparative and cumulative data points. The Text widget displays a line of text that is a block of textual information. Enables you to visually summarize and trend your data.


Influential Indicator Widgets

Have a nimble, enchanted and easy to access the way of representing the data in IoT Dashboard using the gauges provided such as the Gauge chart, Vertical Gauge & Horizontal gauge. Access the data comfortably in more depth, or just speedily sneak a look at the information as it currently stands. Enables you to present data on a relative scale, including peak values if desired.

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Download widgets in no time

Easily download the data in widgets which you create and organize in a dashboard through the functionality for multiple uses. Back them up as CSV, or use them for presentations or reports, on articles or to display it to your team through this distinct feature. Save the data in your device to be able to use them later.


Highly Customizable MQTT Dashboard

MQTTRoute offers options to create a interactive custom dashboards for IoT/IIoT applications