About Bevywise Networks

Bevywise Networks is a highly vibrant and fast growing IoT startup. We are working on developing Software for the Internet of Things. We develop device agents that collects and communicate device status, servers that aggregates and store data and Intelligence Engine that analyse and interpret data for making precise decisions and simulator that helps you test and develop real devices. The development centre is located at Tirunelveli, India.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to make human lives simple by adding technology into the everyday things

Making Human lives simple by adding technology into the everyday things. Technology has improved the human capability by multi fold over the past 200 – 250 years starting from the second half of 18th Centrury. Still there are a lot of more changes that can be done to improve the human capacity to the next level. We want to build tools – software and hardware to help human live better and happier.

Our History

My internal quest on removing repeated personal tasks increased and the idea of making human lives easier removing mundane tasks was conceived and the quest for searching for the avenues started. Hence Bevywise Networks was found.

The idea culminated on IoT and Bevywise Networks was born for creating Software and Hardware components to make life simpler.

Starting writing code for the Clients and server for the IoT over MQTT Protocol.

Decided to launch a product that can simulate IoT devices for the MQTT Protocol.

IoT Simulator for MQTT Clients were released.

Beta of MQTT Broker for connecting mqtt devices and aggregating mqtt messages were launched.

Beta of MQTT Broker for connecting mqtt devices and aggregating mqtt messages were launched.

The early access version of the highly scalable, etendable MQTT Server is ready.

Multiple Authentication for the MQTRoute.

IoT Platform Launch.
MQTT Gateway inside MQTRoute.

MQTT over WebSockets – MQTTRoute & IoT Platform.

MQTT Bridging part of MQTTGateway.

Dynamic messages in IoT Simulator.

Timer based Rules in MQTTRoute & IoT Platform.

Templates in IoT Simulator.

TCP Server for Data collection.

MQTTRoute Plugins for ElasticSearch & MongoDB.

IoT Platform – Security & Device Management Update.

Integrate MQTTRoute with any application.

IoT Simulator 1.5 Update.

MQTT Broker integration using REST API.

Docker MQTT Broker for easy service manageability.

MQTT Broker Tableau Integration for IoT Data Analysis.
Localize MQTT Broker to your language.

Free IoT Products for your Non Commercial Projects.

Signing agreement with DERBI Foundation, Banglore.
IoT Home Security System using Bevywise MQTT Broker.
High availability MQTT Cluster.

Sparkplug B MQTT Simulation.

Modbus IoT Data integration with MQTTRoute.
MySQL 8.0 support.

Integration of MQTT Broker with Google Pub-sub
Node red MQTT Broker Integration

 Industrial IoT Gateway was released

IoT Simulator 2.0 update with different levels of security & enhanced user interface.

 IoT Platform enhanced with user security & permissions

Awarded as one of top 50 leadership companies by Intercon world

Stepping into the Industrial Automation with the Production Monitoring Solution, Pace DPR
MQTT Broker 2.0 update with Customizable UI, Custom Storage configuration & ML/AI Integration

IoT Platform Supports widgets creation

IoT Platform update – Admin Console to create & manage user
CrystalMQ, The Hosted MQTT Broker to run a powerful Industrial & commercial IoT application was Launched

MQTT 5 Beta version of MQTT Broker was released
Bevywise IoT Education pack for students
Startups Pack for MQTT Broker & IoT Simulator
YourStory Media gave a write up about Bevywise Networks

IoT Simulator 2.2 update with CSV import option & JSON array support

Bevywise IoT platform enhanced to support integration with IAM tools.

FREE IoT Dashboard for AWS IoT was released

MQTTRoute was ranked as top MQTT Broker in the market as per the study of University of Szeged, Hungary. 

MQTT implementation on Celikler Holding’s power plant monitoring use case was listed in MQTT.org site

MQTT implementation on home security system use case was listed in MQTT.org site

MQTTRoute 3.0 was released with new refreshing looks

Stepping into the Industry 4.0.

Who We Are

Our Leadership

Ranjith founded the Bevywise Networks in 2016 and as the CEO, he sets the vision and direction for the company. Before founding Bevywise, Ranjith was the product manager at Zoho leading the Zoho Docs and integration of the Office Suite. He has worked in Analysis, Data & UX Design, Development, Support, Marketing & Sales. Has 14+ years of experience working on Software Products @Zoho. Expertise in coordinating large integration projects that spans across multiple products. Expert in handling SMB and Enterprise Customers.

He has Hands-on experience developing and managing a product that simulates Single & Network of devices that communicate over SNMP & TL1 and run with Cisco IOS. Had in-depth experience in developing and managing Zoho Writer, Zoho File System & Zoho Docs, and a few more Fun Projects.

Ranjith Kumar DSM

Ranjith Kumar DSM

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Fenzik Joseph is a detailed oriented person and has a strong love for the technology. Priror to Bevywise , he has founded Smackcoders Technologies which creates plugins and extensions for CMS and opensource CRM Platforms. He has worked on and contributed to a lot of opensource platfrom like VtigerCRM, OpenBravo, WordPress, MediaWiki & more.. He can hack into any new technology thrown on him and has a great love for the embedded software and hardware.

Holds a Masters in Computer Science from Madurai Kamaraj University. He has worked in Zoho, 7strata & Essentia.

Fenzik Joseph D

Fenzik Joseph D

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Highly dynamic person with a technology and business acumen. Spent nearly a couple of decades with Intel operating on different roles including Strategising and running acceleration for innovating products and has a over 23 years of overall experience in the Industry. Expertise in handling complete product life cycle Software / Hardware products from conceptualisation, acceptance analysis, design & development, manufacturing, Go to Market Strategy, Sales & Support.

Natarajan S

Natarajan S

Chief Advisor