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how bevywise can enable you

How Bevywise can enable you?

Our comprehensive range of solutions, including IoT, Big Data, AI/ML, Digital Twin, and Automation, can seamlessly work together to meet your specific needs, all at an affordable cost. This allows you to extract greater value from these technologies without compromising your organizational culture while fostering enhanced collaboration.

matching data for decisions

Matching Data for your Decisions

We firmly believe that data serves as the ultimate means to comprehend the intricacies of the physical world. We acknowledge that the physical realm demands more than just providing data; it necessitates diligent efforts. Our primary objective is to streamline and simplify the process of collecting data, whether from humans or machines, using appropriate tools.

For over half a decade, we have been dedicated to comprehending the ecosystem in order to devise optimal ways to integrate the physical seamlessly and digital realms. This integration ensures that the data we gather is precise and synchronized with the present moment, facilitating well-informed decision-making.

our commitment to education

Our Commitment to Education

The world's transformation depends on continuous innovation and improvement. As a company, we are dedicated to improving the education system and working towards a better future for humanity. We provide our tools, software, and training either for free or at greatly reduced prices, all while preserving their intrinsic value. This commitment ensures that students and educators have access to the necessary resources to cultivate innovation within their educational institutions.

Our Leadership Team


Ranjith Kumar DSM

Founder & CEO

Ranjith Kumar

Ranjith, the founder and CEO of Bevywise Networks, directs the company's vision and strategy. During his previous 14-year tenure at Zoho, he adeptly managed the integration of Zoho's Docs & Office Suite, demonstrating diverse expertise in analysis, UX design, development, support, & sales. His specialization lies in complex integration projects, SNMP, TL1, Cisco IOS simulations,& contributions to products like Zoho Writer, Zoho File System, and Zoho Docs.


Fenzik Joseph D

Co-Founder & VP - Operations

Fenzik Joseph

Fenzik Joseph, an avid tech enthusiast, founded Smackcoders Technologies before starting Bevywise. His company specializes in creating plugins and extensions for CMS and open-source CRM platforms, showcasing his deep expertise in this domain. Fenzik is a versatile open-source contributor with experience in platforms such as VtigerCRM, OpenBravo, WordPress, and MediaWiki. He has also gained valuable experience working at Zoho, 7strata, and Essentia.



Vice president - Solutions



A seasoned Solution Architect with a formidable technical background, specializing in the management and execution of large-scale projects spanning from RFP analysis to the implementation of Big Data, SDN, and AI solutions. Possesses a proven track record of serving clients in India and across the globe. He has prior experience at Zoho and WIPRO.

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