Ultra Scalable MQTT Broker For All Your IoT Implementations

An MQTT Broker, built for small deployments from home to large-scale enterprise and solution provider hosting.  A highly extendable & reliable framework fuelling powerful data management to build extensive IoT applications.

MQTT Broker

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MQTT Broker across diversified verticals

Energizing world class IoT applications / solutions in diversified fields such as smart home, energy, healthcare, manufacturing & more.


Smart home




Johnson & Johnson uses MQTTRoute to achieve their meaningful healthcare advancements

MQTTRoute benefits J&J to reliably move Message Queuing Telemetry Transport message to and from their medical devices by enabling them to develop modern data applications.



eFon’s home security system believes MQTTRoute as their right MQTT solution

eFon’s home security system is powered by MQTTRoute to manage home sensors & video surveillance, integrated with social network to delight their customers with great user experience.



MQTTRoute proves its ability with the Celikler Holding’s power plant monitoring

Celikler Holding began using MQTTRoute to monitor power generation from multiple power plants in real time with remote access solving their problems of insecure data communication requiring professionals to be near in plant all time.



MQTT platform excels in monitoring of GrayHat’s smart home appliances

Grayhats starts using MQTT platform for home automation to manage their smart appliances via mobile application and voice control them via Alexa & Google home to control devices from anywhere.



Macrotech exploit MQTT Platform to revolutionize the hospitality industry

Macrotech use MQTT platform to connect, monitor & manage their thermostat & beacon devices with complete storage, data visualization, server maintenance & monitoring for their hospitality set up.


Highly Available

High available MQTT clusters for all models

Ensure the broker is steadily functional with 99.99% of data collection without any single point of failure by developing cluster setup. The high availability mode will avoid any software / hardware failure preventing data loss which makes it possible to instinctively scale to catch up with the requirements of any IoT application / solution.
mqtt-Broker-high availability-architecture
Deploy MQTT Broker anywhere
Run Anywhere

On-premise & cloud based options to choose from

Freedom to choose the right kind of MQTT server implementation for your application. Without deployment lock-in, the ready-to-deploy, self-managed broker permitting to run anywhere is likely to be the main choice for local IoT applications. And a fully managed MQTT broker which requires no server management & maintenance.
Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your Application & Data Storage

A quick, easy & faster integration of your data with any enterprise systems via RESTAPIs. This message broker works more seamlessly with any process / production management application (eg: Node red & more)  brought together into one unified whole improving the functional capability of your application & getting data where & when you need it.
MQTT Broker Client Library
Connect your Devices

Interoperable with all MQTT clients & devices

Compatible with all standard MQTT Clients and MQTT-SN Clients. Connects any device, sensors and backend system in a scalable and secure manner via the IoT standard MQTT communication protocol. Use Eclipse paho, a client implementation for WebSocket & Mosquitto client, and a C based client or one from any open source MQTT client library.

Mobile Application

Manage your field IoT devices on the Go

Mobile Apps will be the perfect choice when it comes to quickly accessing & subscribe messaging  data anywhere, anytime. And Monitoring & tracking your devices remotely on your android smart phone with more convenient and quicker way is now feasible with Broker App.
MQTT Broker Application
Customer Success Stories

How Customers use MQTT Broker?

A detailed story on how MQTT Broker is used today by our customers

Power Plant Monitoring

Celikler holding is one of the largest companies in the Energy sector. They use MQTTRoute for secured publisher and subscriber communication between the power plants and to monitor and manage power generation from anywhere.

Home Security

Efon Technology provides the best home security solution for their customers. They use MQTTRoute as a middleware to collect & ensure devices can publish messages / publish data for their home security systems with video surveillance.

What do our customers say?

We have been using MQTTRoute for our IIoT applications at Promethean Energy. From the stress tests we have put the software through, it scales up seamlessly, which is critical for any such applications.
Ashwin K.P

Promethean Energy, India

The team at Bevywise Networks is IoT domain and technology experts. Their expertise helped us converge on our implementation much easier and faster. We would be happy to recommend Bevywise for any IoT Implementation.


In the beginning we had some trouble setting up MQTT Route with MySQL, but the terrific team of Bevywise stood by us and helped us solve the issue in a fast and good manner. We can really recommend Bevywise as an MQTT partner to the other.
Rico de Feijter

Kraker trailers b.v, netherlands

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