Hosted MQTT Server to run a powerful Industrial and Commercial IoT Application

Enable Powerful M2M Communication

Run your Hosted MQTT Broker and Application in a Single Server

Technical MQTT Dashboard

Technical MQTT Dashboard

View and Manage devices, topics, mqtt messages and errors on simple and User friendly MQTT Dashboard. Get live Updates and historical data.

Hosted MQTT Server Rules engine

Rule Engine

Enable seemless M2M Communication with the Event based and Timer triggered Rules.  Define Rules based on devices, publish subscribe topics and message data.
Hosted MQTT Server security

MQTT Security

Hosted MQTT Server has options to enable TLS/SSL for secure MQTT protocol / M2M communication. Option to enable MQTT Authentication for additional MQTT security.

Build Scalable IoT / IIoT Application

Create powerful application with Rest API, widgets & charts without writing a single line of code.

Graphs & charts

Graphs and Charts

Visualize IoT device data with powerful and interactive Graphs, Charts and Widgets. Configure widgets to show anomalies with color changes and  predefined allowed ranges.


Export MQTT devices data as CSV for deeper data analysis. The Exported data can be transformed as PDF and feed into any application as inputs for any aggregated analysis.
Hosted MQTT Server API Integration

Build Integrated Apps

Build User friendly Mobile Application for IoS / Android using the REST based API’s to publish data / messages & Data integration with your ERP / Business management application.

Take complete control of hosted MQTT Server

Customize and deploy your code on the Server for advanced ML/AI functionalities

SSH Access

SSH Access

SSH Console access to your hosted MQTT Broker  instance, to manage all the supportive application. It also helps in managing your MQTT message Broker application.
Hosted MQTT Server with ML/AI Integration

ML/AI Integration

Hook in your ML / AI Engine with the hosted MQTT Broker / cloud broker application for your customized data processing. You can also  use  Advanced AI Integration.

Advanced Data hooks

Advanced Data Hooks

Specific MQTT/IoT Applications need advanced widgets and comparing diversified and unrelated processed data.  Deploy your own Customize UI  and Data Storage.

Need a customizable MQTT Server for your Advanced applications?