Fully Managed Cloud MQTT Broker


Focus on your customer while we take care of your complete IoT            server Infrastructure.


Secure Isolated MQTT Instances


Why our customers will love CrystalMQ?

Device connection

No complex set up

        One touch set up. Sign up and                              deploy in minutes.

Data visualization

No server maintenance

Leave server maintenance and management to us.

Rest API Integration

Anytime Anywhere

Access and process data anytime anywhere.


Trustworthy & Scalable cloud MQTT Broker

Fully Managed MQTT Broker

Completely Managed infrastructure

Free yourself from setting up anything on the server to enable MQTT communication. Managed MQTT broker let you focus only on  building your application without any sticky server management.

Dedicated VM Instances

Always and constantly Available

The server will be up and running to collect information 24 X 7 from your connected devices. We promise 99.99% uptime ensuring agreed level of performance and protecting against the risk of downtime.

Secure at each stage

Secured and safe dealing of your data along with secure connection & communication of your devices. Compliant with the security standards in managing your data & to protect your hosted information without compromise.

Visualize your data

Flexible data processing & integration

Streamline your IoT application development by controlling & managing your devices from the manager application via REST based APIs. Integrate your IoT implementation with ERP / business management applications.

Scale up as your business expands

Start with your business needs & reliably connect IoT devices at enormous scale as your business grows. Cloud MQTT Broker is always ready with its reliability and scalability to support any business critical IoT solutions.

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