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We at Bevywise Networks provide tools and management application for building IoT Solutions for any industry. You can download all our products form this common page.


Enterprise MQTT Broker helps you connect all your IOT Devices & Sensors. Collect data from the edge devices and store them to any big data engine. Create Rules and triggers with incoming messages & time. Build visualization over data. Integrate with your application.

IoT Simulator

IoT Simulator helps you test your cloud and on premise MQTT Application for functional and load testing. Simulate tens of thousands in a commodity server. Develop, test and demo your IoT Servers & managers, MQTT clients, MQTT Sensors & MQTT Devices.

TCP Server

Simple TCP Server for efficient and customizable data transfer with much lower protocol overhead. Suitable for sensors and devices that just propagate events and data.

Smart SDK

Smart SDK help you connect your edge devices to our Bevywise IoT Platform or any Standard MQTT server