Bevywise IoT Simulator

IoT Simulator is a comprehensive, easy to use MQTT Simulation Suite helps in developing, testing and demonstrating your MQTT broker, mqtt clients, devices & Sensors. You can simulate tens of thousands of simulated iot devices in a single box.

Complete MQTT support

IoT Simulator supports all QoS levels, WILL & Retain Messages, MQTT Authentication & Clean Session as MQTT Specifications. Works with all Standard Broker.

Intercept MQTT Messages & Tranform

Intercept & Tranform

Intercept the IoT Simulator messages using the python and customize output based on the client, topic and messages. The interface is flexible to publish messages as any client.

Time your mqtt messages perfectly

Precise timed messages

The simulated IoT devices can be configured to publish messages at a very precise time. Configure devices to send messages every hour or minute or second or in combination.

Powerful MQTT User Interface

Powerful user interface

Clean and powerful user interface to create devices. The messages can be configured easily for every device using the User Interface. The subscription and publishing can be timed perfectly.

REST API for IoT Simulator

Extend via API

Integrate IoT Simulator with your test automation tool via REST APIs and control the simulation.

Flexible MQTT Data Storage

Persist your configuration

IoT Simulator can store simulation data in FLAT files or Databases. MySQL and SQLite Database are supported.

Supports windows , linux & mac

For all Operating System

Supports tens of thousands of devices for Windows 7+ , Linux and Mac Operating System.

Peformance Testing

The User Interface will help you send messages at the rate of one message per second per agent. The custom scripts inside the library folder for doing custom simulation will help devices by sending messages in Burst mode for a extreme load test of your mqtt broker & realtime devices.