Bevywise IoT Simulator

IoT Simulator helps you test your cloud and on premise MQTT Application for functional and load testing. Simulate tens of thousands in a commodity server. Develop, test and demo your IoT Servers & managers, MQTT clients, MQTT Sensors & MQTT Devices.

Real time Dynamic Messages

Configure IoT Simulator to send messages with in a Range, or from a Random set, or values based on Time & Client.

Flexible Reusable templates with place holders

Reusable Templates

IoT Simulator allows you to create templates for your devices and replaceable place holders for topic names to create dynamic networks.

Create dynamic JSON Messages

Generate Complex JSON

Send multiple values in a single messages in JSON format like the real world IoT devices. Supports dynamic values for each parameter.

Intercept MQTT Messages & Tranform

Simulate Behaviour

Behaviour simulation help transform incoming messages and publish different message and as different client. Supports Text based messages.

create simulated devices in bulk within minutes.

Create devices in minutes

The bulk creation option in IoT Simulator is a great time saver. This helps you create thousands of devices using templates within minutes.

Create Multiple configuration and store in mysql.

Reusable Networks

IoT Simulator supports storage of simulated network in MySQL database. You can store a number of simulation environment and reuse them.

REST API for IoT Simulator

Integrate with Automation

Integrate IoT Simulator with your test automation tool via REST APIs and control the simulation. You will be able to connect, publish messages, subscribe, and more.

Complete MQTT support

IoT Simulator supports all QoS levels, WILL & Retain Messages, MQTT Authentication & Clean Session as MQTT Specifications. Works with all Standard Broker.

Elegant User Interface

IoT Simulator has a simple but elegant user interface to create templates, networks, bulk addition of devices and configure messages and behaviour patterns with ease.