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IoT Facility management simulation

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Aug 8, 2017 | iot simulator | 0 comments

IoT Facility management

Today IoT facility management is one of the emerging trends in the current facility management. But Every running system needs to be upgraded to an IoT enabled one to make sure the productivity is improved drastically. However Upgrading a system without disturbing the current production is very important. Any idea needs a proof of concept for validation before it goes to the real-time implementation.

IoT Sample Data:

IoT Simulator comes in handy when you need to test the real time scenario of your devices. You can configure the IoT simulator to work in tandem with the real devices and intercommunicate with them.

We have a pre built simulation for a facility with six rooms and each room having an identical set of utilities and each utility having a sensor to monitor and manage the particular utility.

Each room has an Air Conditioner, ceiling lamp, Water meter, power meter, temperature/humidity sensor, an occupancy sensor and door sensor.

Interfacing real devices:

We have also added an admin to subscribe to these topics to get the status of sensors of each room. You can add your real device or manager application to listen to the occupancy sensor data on the room occupancy to make decisions on activating and de-activating related devices.

These simulated sensors can periodically send data to the any IoT Platform like Bevywise IoT Platform. You can configure the platform to visualize data so that meaningful decisions can be derived.

You need to place these files inside the /data folder and start the IoT Simulator.

If you have not downloaded the IoT Simulator yet, download the simulator now.

We will be happy to know about your use cases and do custom simulation for your need. Contact us via our Support form and we would be happy to help.

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