Every IoT project needs testing. IoT simulator eases the life of developers and testers by providing complete functional and load testing. IoT device simulation helps you simulate various scenarios needed for developing, testing and demonstrating real-time devices and managers. You can create your own virtual IoT device with much ease. You will be able to develop,… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM August 6, 2019

Industry 4.0 is the talk of the town since it was first announced. It has become the top priority of current industrial development, which drives industries towards better productivity to remain in competition. Developing IoT / IIoT application should 100% cover the requirements for building up a complete Industry 4.0. We have kept this in… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 30, 2019

IoT Application framework
Eat your own dog food is one of the most heard words from Sridhar Vembu when I was working for Zoho.   This is a practice done while we were creating Zoho Writer and Zoho document management system and is practiced today as well. It is nothing but using the software created by your company for… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 23, 2019

Measurement is one of the most toughest jobs in the production line. A lot of effort is needed in measuring and analysing a production process in order to check the efficiency of production. Fortunately, OEE is the key production metrics that can be easily calculated and applied to any manufacturing processes. But the entire spectrum… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 16, 2019

OEE Calculation
OEE is considered to be the best practices metric and it has become an integral part of every manufacturing industries. Since it points out the critical areas in production, it has become more familiar among production managers. However, OEE calculation is often wrongly used or misunderstood. Measuring OEE alone does not implies the improvement in… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 9, 2019

The Evaluation of Industry 4.0 has led manufacturing industries to be more competitive and productive to lead the race. In order to succeed the race, you have to push yourself in measuring manufacturing productivity right. OEE Measurement (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the globally accepted industrial standard for measuring productivity. Are You Frustrated with Your OEE… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 3, 2019

iot success stories
It is time to stop going to every machine to know what is happening in each work station. The Industry 4.0 provides option for the transition. However a secure way of collecting and utilizing the data is essential for the industries to attain efficiency. This is one of the  IoT Success stories of MQTTRoute implementation. … Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM June 24, 2019

Manufacturing Productivity OEE
Measurement is the first step to get your manufacturing productivity moving towards the target. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, is one of the most important business quotes. The production reality in today’s increasingly competitive world demands efficiency and quality with continuous and improved processes. The quest for improving productivity in the… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM May 14, 2019

Human race has been tied to actions by touch for a prolonged period. Touch is something bound to the extend to which you can stretch your arms and body. Sound and Vision goes a long way beyond horizons. The advent of image processing techniques largely influenced the addition of visual recognition to the machines. Along… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM May 7, 2019

MQTT Broker Comparison
MQTT is one of the most widely adopted protocols today in the IoT Arena. There are a lot of MQTT Brokers available for your solution implementation. Choosing the MQTT Broker that fits your criteria makes your project more than 50% complete. In an article earlier this year, we wrote about How to choose a perfect… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM April 24, 2019