Industrial Automation & IIoT
Rising technologies and expediting innovations are invariably changing the makeover of Industrial world in one form or other. Development of IoT is considered as one such major event that has become inevitable for majority of Industries. The future of automation and manufacturing is in the hands of IoT which is the real game changer of… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM September 24, 2019

benefits of home automation
The word “smart” which all of us expect in our day-to day life either in the form mobile phones, watches etc. Because these are the powerful tools that make our life much easier. Every advancement in technology enhances their impressive capabilities that we can utilize at our fingertips. Hence, the next big step towards smart… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM September 17, 2019

Energy is one of the most imperative aspects of industrial technological progress. Efficient use of energy and its management is essential for sustainable development and a better RoI. It is now possible to foster the energy management with IoT application. It is often quoted as “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Metering and monitoring energy is necessary… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM September 11, 2019

Just think a while if you can build your IOT application in a day. Yes! You read it right. We recently did a major update of the MQTTRoute where our customers will be able to embed their ML & AI algorithms and create their own application. MQTTRoute helps you host and manage your application easily.… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM August 29, 2019

Monitoring or measuring serves to be an effective step to move towards proactive decisions. Because, monitoring is necessary to be attentive to any anomaly, no matter how small, to keep close watch on components. Besides that, you will be able to act in consequence of any situation. One of our customers, FAB Controls is an IoT… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM August 22, 2019

Every IoT project needs testing. IoT simulator eases the life of developers and testers by providing complete functional and load testing.  IoT device simulation helps you simulate various scenarios needed for developing, testing and demonstrating real-time devices and managers.  In addition, you can create your own virtual IoT device with much ease. You will be… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM August 6, 2019

Industry 4.0 is the talk of the town since it was first announced. It has become the top priority of current industrial development, which drives industries towards better productivity to remain in competition. Developing IoT / IIoT application should 100% cover the requirements for building up a complete Industry 4.0. Therefore, we have kept this… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 30, 2019

IoT Application framework
Eat your own dog food is one of the most heard words from Sridhar Vembu when I was working for Zoho.   This is a practice done while we were creating Zoho Writer and Zoho document management system and is practiced today as well. It is nothing but using the software created by your company for… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 23, 2019

WeweweweMeasurement is one of the most toughest jobs in the production line. It needs a lot of effort to measure and analyse a production process in order to check the efficiency of production. Fortunately, OEE is the key production metrics, and you can easily calculate and apply it  to any manufacturing processes. But the entire… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 16, 2019

OEE Calculation
OEE is considered to be the best practices metric and it has become an integral part of every manufacturing industries. Since it points out the critical areas in production, it has become more familiar among production managers. However, people often wrongly use or misunderstand the OEE calculation. Measuring OEE alone does not implies the improvement… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM July 9, 2019