Manufacturing Productivity OEE
Measurement is the first step to get your manufacturing productivity moving towards the target. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, is one of the most important business quotes. The production reality in today’s increasingly competitive world demands efficiency and quality with continuous and improved processes. The quest for improving productivity in the… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM May 14, 2019

Human race has been tied to actions by touch for a prolonged period. Touch is something bound to the extend to which you can stretch your arms and body. Sound and Vision goes a long way beyond horizons. The advent of image processing techniques largely influenced the addition of visual recognition to the machines. Along… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM May 7, 2019

MQTT is one of the most widely adopted protocols today in the IoT Arena. There are a lot of MQTT Brokers available for your solution implementation. Choosing the MQTT Broker that fits your criteria makes your project more than 50% complete. In an article earlier this year, we wrote about How to choose a perfect… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM April 24, 2019

Bevywise IoT Platform is a versatile, highly extendable Server Implementation that help Solution providers scale up fast. With the Edge client, Mobile SDK , REST API & all, it helps get your service running in a few weeks. The IoT Platform caters to Industrial and Home needs with flexible charts and widgets and Voice controls.… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM April 20, 2019

Security is one of the major concerns of the IoT Manager applications. Keeping this in mind the manager applications are build with different level of security. IoT Simulator 2.0 is enhanced to support all manager applications based on their security practices. Similar to the previous version, the simulator supports all its options from the user… Read More
Jebason J March 1, 2019

Creating and implementing a real-time IoT network with hardware and MQTT application will take time and cost you an arm and leg. We at Bevywise, create a smart and easy way to set up a virtual IoT network with  node red  MQTT Broker integration.  Node-red is an open source visual programming tool for wiring the hardware… Read More
Jebason J January 21, 2019

Google Pubsub is one of the leading Queue engine used to collect data from the publisher or MQTT Application for better data analytics. Integration of Bevywise MQTT Broker with Google Pubsub helps you push data from your IoT & IIoT edge devices via MQTT Broker to google pubsub. Set up Google Compute for Pubsub Google Pubsub… Read More
Jebason J January 14, 2019

It is time to wave a good bye with a note of thank you 2018 and welcome the 2019 with more expectation and refined ambitions.… Read More
Ranjith Kumar DSM December 20, 2018