High Performing MQTT Server for IoT

A perfectly crafted MQTT server built with passion to provide everything you need to deploy and scale your IoT Application

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Why MQTT Route?

Best Performing

Top choice for high performance data streaming

Store Data Anywhere

Customize storage to push data to any analytics

Build Application Faster

Custom-built IoT infrastructure to build any application in a day


Keep track of data in real time

A Quick snapshot of the devices connected with the most important  data visualized with widgets on multiple dashboards. Alerts and coloured notations for the different value based triggers.

Enjoy top Quality Security

Two layer of security for the device communication with SSL / TLS for the connectivity and device authentication.


Create User-Centric IoT Solutions

Set up your custom solution with advanced AI / ML integration for building enterprise IoT applications. Application-oriented custom options to quickly build & manage applications easily.


Automate device actions

MQTT rules engine to transform MQTT server messages for effective M2M communication automation. Event & timer based rules to define & pattern match data and create actions.


Create custom extensions for your specific IoT infrastructure

Customize User Interface

Design your user interface and configure your dashboards to make it flexible for your industry.

Integrate any IAM & SSO

Centrally manage & control login access of your customers and other password complexities.

Store & Process data effectively

Store the data in any of the big data engines and add event based triggers with comparison of event data.

Prepare your data for AI / ML

Aggregate & process your data using your own algorithm on a pre-defined time interval for AI / ML.

Download Bevywise MQTT Broker for free

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