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Developing IoT virtual network using IoT Simulator

by Hema | Aug 06, 2019 | IoT Simulator | 0 comments

virtual iot device

Every IoT project needs testing. IoT simulator eases the life of developers and testers by providing complete functional and load testing. IoT device simulation helps you simulate various scenarios needed for developing, testing and demonstrating real-time devices and managers. In addition, you can create your own virtual IoT device with much ease. You will be able to develop, test and demo your IoT servers, managers, MQTT clients, MQTT sensors, and MQTT Devices. IoT simulator supports MQTT protocol that it creates publish events, subscriptions and more.

Creating Publish events

Above all, IoT simulator allows you to create templates for your devices and topic names to create dynamic networks. You can send messages within a range or from random set or values based on time and client. It can send multiple values in a single message like the real world IoT devices. The publisher will send data to the broker for every second or minute based on the device. For example, the temperature of the room can be send to the broker based on time.

Connecting to IoT platform

You can connect IoT simulator to Azure IoT hub, AWS IoT core, any IoT platform like Bevywise IoT platform and any other MQTT Application or Broker. IoT simulator supports all Qos levels, WILL & Retain messages, MQTT authentication & clean session as MQTT specifications. Broker collects data from the publisher for every second or minute based on the device. Besides that you can easily hook the data stored to send it to any data visualization tool for powerful analysis and decision-making.

Creating Subscriptions

The broker will collect data from the publisher and store the data in any data base, but the data will not be sent to the receiver side until you subscribe to the existing topic. For instance, The Air conditioner needs to be switched off if the temperature reaches 25’C. The publisher will send a message to the broker and the broker will send a message to the clients who subscribe to this topic.

Configuring Device response

The automatic response which will respond to the subscriber based on the received message and topics can be done by behaviour simulator. As a result, behaviour simulation helps transforming incoming messages and publish different message and as different client. Besides that you can add alerts by using behaviour simulator.

Download IoT simulator now to create your own virtual IoT device.

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