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Introducing Templates & faster IOT Simulation

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Oct 24, 2017 | iot simulator, MQTT simulation | 0 comments

faster IOT Simulation

Today we are happy to introduce IoT templates & bulk device creation in IoT Simulator.

We believe that the real effort of any validation process. You have to spend the efforts on the validating and analysing the result data and not on setting up the environment. Hence, IoT environment needs a mass network setup to test and demo the manager applications and test interoperability of devices.

IOT Templates

With the new update, you will be able to now spend very little time just creating a template. Users may quickly prototype and simulate various IoT device types using ready-to-use IoT templates, eliminating the need to design each device from scratch, saving valuable development and resources. This speeds up the creation and testing of IoT applications.

The templates are intended to mimic the behavior of real-world IoT devices, resulting in more accurate and realistic simulation. The template supports specifying a replaceable place holders strings using the client names. Besides that, the template definition allows you to add place holders in WILL Topic, subscription topics, publishing topics and topics used in behavior pattern.

You can also use pattern in the Data. However, the IoT simulator already supports dynamic values for the text and JSON based messages. Besides that You will be able to create tens of thousands of unique devices with unique topic and messages within a few minutes.

Multiple Simulated Networks

The validation of the manager application process have multiple process. However, we need to review different functional implementation, performance, etc. Keeping this in mind, we have added options to store multiple simulated networks. These networks can be persisted and reused on demand.

Download the IoT Simulator now.

You can simulate large networks using affordable pricing plans. Feel free to contact us for any feedback or assistance.

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