MQTT Security is one of the most important mandate of the connected devices today. Hence We want to make sure our customers are able to make sure their devices, their connections and the data sent over for communication are secured.  Already we support SSL / TLS data encryption for data security and we can enable strict mode where each client should have a unique certificate or a flexible mode where in all your clients can have the same certificate.

In addition We have recently added support for configuring multiple username and passwords in the MQTT Broker.

Previously it was allowed to have only one username and password for all the devices of the MQTT Broker.

Configuring MQTT Security – Authentication

You can configure the list of username and password in a file in the format,

UserName  <TAB>  Password

and then specify the file path in the /conf/broker.conf file

PASSWD_FILE = ./Certificate/Authentication/credentials.txt


An example file is available at ./Certificate/Authentication/credentials.txt
You can also share a single username and password with a set of devices.  Download the forever FREE MQTT Broker now.

Endlessly free version supports single username and password and the premium version supports the multiple authentication.  Do write to support for any assistance.