Does the MQTT Broker support TLS ?

Yes the MQTT Broker supports TLS Security. You can configure the same by enabling TLS in the broker.conf file.

Can I change the port number for the MQTT Broker. ?

The default ports are 1883 for non TLS and 8883 for TLS. But you can change these values in the broker.conf. PORT_NO value is used for the Non TLS and TLS_PORT_NO value is used for the TLS Mode. You can change the values to configure your port.

Is MQTT Route support MQIsdp?

Yes, MQTTRoute is Backward Compatible. It supports both version 3.1.0 and 3.1.1

Do you also provide MQTT Client?

Yes, you can find MQTT Client Library in the Lib folder.

Can I connect to the Mqtt broker from remote host?

The broker by default bound to address making it available for localhost as well as remote server. Make sure your client has the right hostname to connect to the broker.

Does MQTTRoute Support Windows?

Yes, MQTTRoute support Linux, Mac and Windows.

Can I see the client details in MQTTRoute?

Yes, You can see the client details in DB and UI.

Can I customize your MQTTRoute ?

The MQTTRoute is not customizable. However you can read the data updated in the DB and do your own analysis. If you want a complete customization you should try our MQTT Server.

IoT Platform

What is the difference between MQTTRoute and MQTTServer ?

MQTTServer is an exendable MQTT Platform where you can write your own extension to analyse the data processed by the MQTTServer. You can write your own rule engine to make decisions. MQTTRoute is ready to use and can run on a single machine and can allow client connections based on the machine configuraiton.

How much clients does your mqtt server support ?

The MQTT Server is horizontally scalable framework. You can add as many mqtt processing brokers in parallel to scale based on the number of clients you want to connect.

Does MQTT Server support Distributed Environment?

Yes, you can host different components of the mqtt server in different VMs for better performance.

Can I develop my own Extension?

Yes, mqtt server keeps the mqtt messages received from the different clients. You can write your own extension to read and process the data queue.

Is MQTTServer transform the message with rules?

Yes, there is a separate package available in MQTTServer. You can use it when you need.

Is MQTT Server supports UI?

Yes, You can view the client details in the browser.

What are the components you can customize ?

You can customize anything you want based on the business need. The broker core and the distribution engine are the core components.

IoT Simulator

Can I modify my simulator environment After starting the Simulator?

Yes,you can. IoT Simulator comes with a User Interface to do runtime modifications.You can access the user interface from browsers by using the ip of the simulator machine with port 9000.

Can I customize using RESTAPI?

Yes, You can also use RESTAPI to do all customization see for more details.

What are the modifications I can do at runtime?

You can do almost all the operations like adding devices , configuration messages , starting and stopping devices and all.

Can I add a new client through User Interface?

Yes. On the devices tab, click the 'plus' symbol on the left panel.

Can I set a particular message to be published every second?

Yes. Add/Edit a publish message. Select the option '*' for hr, min and second.

How do I Disconnect a client?

Select the client you want to disconnect and use stop device to disconnect.

Can I Stop my Whole Simulation and restart?

Yes,use “stop all devices” tab to stop all clients and use “start all devices” tab to restart the simulator.