Works with all MQTT & MQTT-SN Clients


The MQTT Broker supports the simple Authentication as provided by the MQTT Spec. The clients should send the authentication in the connect packet as per the MQTT standard.

All QoS Support

The MQTT Broker supports all the standard QoS as per the MQTT standard Specifications.
QoS 0 – Atmost Once
QoS 1 – Atleat Once
QoS 2 – Exactly Once

Last WILL & Retain

The LAST WILL can be registerd with the broker when the mqtt client makes the connection. The WILL Messages will be sent to the interested client which subscribes to the particular WILL Topic.

Persistence & Message Queuing

Support for Clean Session 0 & 1 to support persistent and clean connection. The broker will honor the clean session parameter set by the client on connection.

MQTT Gateway & Sensors

Connect your sensors to the MQTTRoute. Both transparent and the aggregated gateways are supported. Gateway supports auto discovery with Gateway search and advertise messages.

Topic Wildcard

MQTT Broker support both single level [+] and multiple level [#] wildcard for subscribing more topics at a time.

Error Handling

MQTT Broker handles both transient Error and protocol violation error based on MQTT specification by closing down only the network which causes that error and do not allow to interact with other successful clients.

A Standard MQTT Broker

MQTT Broker built in adherence to the Standard and works with all standard clients.