MQTT Gateway for Sensors / Devices

IoT Sensor / Device Auto-Discovery

The MQTT Gateway acts as an intermediate agent between the sensors and the MQTT broker. It has built-in functionality to detect all available sensors on the network running around the gateway. The detected sensor and device are allowed to communicate with each other and managed from the central IoT platform. The gateway advertises itself, and hence the MQTT clients will be able to find the gateway.

Auto Discover IoT Devices & Sensors

Secure behind MQTT Gateway

Secure the sensor / device in your facility behind the Gateway. Connect your sensor / device inside your facility with a Gateway to any IoT Platform. Aggregate and send data to the central IoT Platform. It also supports TLS / SSL encryption for all data sent from an IoT sensor/device. You can enable secure communication between devices by creating your own certificates.

Secured Behind MQTT Gateway

Connect to MQTT Gateway Via Wireless and Bluetooth

The communication between the sensor / device can be either via Wireless or Bluetooth. These mediums support MQTT-SN based sensors. You can easily connect your sensor / device to the Gateway via Bluetooth. For MQTT and Websocket, Communication is either wired or wireless. By default, Bevywise MQTTBroker listens on port 1883 for MQTT client connections when the gateway is connected. On the other hand, The MQTT broker will connect the MQTT Client on 8883 port if TLS is enabled.

Wireless & Bluetooth Communication

MQTT Bridge

The MQTT gateway acts as a bridge for the IoT / MQTT sensors and devices. When the MQTT devices you manage distributed across different locations, we need data on a shared server for analysis. You can deploy the gateway at each place and consolidate the data in a central location.

MQTT gateway as a bridge

Supports any MQTT Server

Gateway works seamlessly with IBM Watson, Azure IoT, AWS IoT & Google Cloud IoT. The gateway decodes the data it receives from the sensors and sends it to the IoT platform in MQTT format. And also, the gateway can be added with more protocol interfaces as needed. It runs on the Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux, Mac, and can be customized to store data locally and a User interface to manage local devices.

Supports any MQTT Server

Runs on your Hardware

The gateway is entirely built on C for a smaller footprint and runs on Linux and Raspbian.