MQTT Gateway

Secure your Sensors & Devices

Secure the devices & sensors in your facility behind the MQTT Gateway. Connect your devices and sensors inside your facility with the MQTT Gateway to any IOT Platform. The Gateway will aggregate and send the data to the central IoT Platform.
Secured Behind MQTT Gateway

Supports any MQTT Server

MQTT Gateway works seamlessly with IBM Watson, Azure Iot, AWS IoT & Google Cloud IoT. The Gateway agregates the data it receives from the sensors and sends as MQTT to the IoT Platform. The Gateway can be added with more protocol interfaces based on need.
Supports any MQTT Server

MQTT Bridge

When the mqtt devices you are managing is distributed across various location and we need the data at the common server for analysis. You can deploy the gateway at each location and agregate the data to the central location.

Wireless & Bluetooth

The communication between the Sensors devices can be either via Wireless or Bluetooth. These medium are supported for MQTT-SN based sensors. For MQTT and Websocket, the communication is either wired or wireless.
Wireless & Bluetooth Communication

Runs on your Hardware

The gateway is completely built on C for smaller footprint and runs on Linux and Raspbian.