Bidding Adieu – Thank you 2018

Bidding Adieu 2018
By Ranjith kumar DSM December 20, 2018

A year is a long time that runs like a few seconds. As we approach the year end, it is time we take a moment to cherish, appreciate the achievements and retrospect the mistakes and issues and say a thank you 2018 for a smoother and better 2019.

Thank you 2018

Thank you almighty for creating a great team that makes the Bevywise ship cruise forward. Every business needs someone to pay their bills. Yes with great respect, we thank our customers who have put trust on us and given us confidence with their cheque. Could not ignore to thank those who tried our tools and visit our website gave us feedback and hope that we are steering forward on a daily basis. Thanks to our Partners who have taken us to the businesses where we could not have reached ourselves. Thanks to friends and Family who have patiently waited and waiting for us to grow.

As we bootstrap, we have been contemplating for over a year to set up a business office at Bengaluru (the IOT Capital of India). Thanks to DERBI for incubating us and mentoring us for the greater future.

Overall Market Improving

Market grows with more adoption. There were a lot of predictions that forecast in different direction. One of the real measure of the market growth is the investments gone in the previous year and this into the IOT Startups. We decided to go the MQTT way since start. The Specification and the technology is gettingĀ  refined with the MQTT 5 version expected early 2019.

Maturing Products

A Tech specification cannot be made as a product. Products need to be somewhere in between the technology and human. Technology products go through an early phase of failure as it transforms from technology implementation to human usable form. The products has been transforming and the products adoption and customer acquisitions in the second half of 2018 validate it.

Learning & Sharing

As a startup, we are continuously learning from every perspective. A lot of miss than hit still happening with prospects, conversion, technology, usability, business perspective and et al. At the same time we by policy take time to share our learnings as Best Practices with the community for a betterment of the total ecosystem. As the ecosystem grow, we grow. It is important for a technology company to continue doing it and we expect more to come in 2019.

The year Ahead

Even though time is a virtual demarcation, the dawning year always bring a lot of hope and energy. 2019 is going to be a great year for IOT with an increased adoption and refinement. We are quite excited to connect with more prospect / customers to learn and share the unfolding story.

Thank you 2018 and Wish everyone a happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2019 !!