Meet Our MQTT Customers

MQTT is becoming the standard for the device communication. Following are our profound list of MQTT Customers who uses our MQTTRoute, IoT Platform or the IoT Simulator to achieve their goals.

MQTT Customer
Celikler Holding
MQTT Customer

MQTT Customer companies who trust us


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Precis: Versatron is a technology services that manages their complete foundry process using IoT Platform & their edge sensors & devices.

Sector :   Manufacturing           Case study 

“The key aspect of the decision to use Bevywise as the solution provider for our needs is definitely the customer oriented approach they have. A direct conversation with a knowledgeable manager rather than deferring to a sales person or an automated commuter is definitely an important feature for us. This along with the continued support and collaboration interaction of their team is what sets Bevywise apart from the rest of providers screened before”


CEO, Versatron Smart Networks SRL.


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Precis: TimeTale designed a cutting edge non intrusive devices for a peaceful elderly living. They use MQTTRoute for a secure interfacing with MySQL data base.

Sector :   Elderly care         Case study  

“Bevywise is a trusted international partner for Timetale’s CareForMe subscription service. The capability of the Bevywise MQTT Broker to scale up confidently and flexibly to manage 100,000 concurrent subscribers in Australia and at least 1 million subscribers in USA will generate a future story of potentially huge income and profits for investors and business partners.”

Ian Rowatt,



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Precis: Sapient Razorfish provides services for web development, technology and innovation etc for their customers. They use MQTTRoute to demo & test their products. An unique MQTT Cusotmer with a different usage

Sector :   Automotive


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Precis: FAB Controls provides IoT solutions to the lighting & energy Industries. Their Emergency lighting control solution, EmMonIT uses MQTTRoute for monitoring and managing their edge devices. MQTT Broker also plays a key role on the data collection.

Sector :   Smart Lightning


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Precis: Promethean Energy builds waste heat recovery solutions for Industrial applications. They use MQTTRoute for collecting data from their devices at the heat recovery point and feed them into their IIoT Applications.

Sector :   Energy Conservation

“We have been using MQTTRoute for our IIoT applications at Promethean Energy. From the stress tests we have put the software through, it scales up seamlessly, which is critical for any such applications. Apart from the robust software, I need to make special mention of the support that we have received from the very professional Bevywise team. ”
K.P Ashwin,

Promethean Energy Pvt. Ltd.


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Precis: Efon Developed IoT Home security system to enhance security & better living situation. They use MQTTRoute to manage home sensors & video surveillance & integrated with social network to provide a great experience to their customers.

Sector :   Home Automotion  Case Study   

“ The team at Bevywise Networks is IoT domain and technology experts. Their expertise helped us converge on our implementation much easier and faster. We would be happy to recommend Bevywise for any IoT Implementation.”

Shan Lin Chin,

Efon Technology, Taiwan.


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Precis: Grayhats develop IoT based products for smart home like smart home & switches. They use Bevywise IoT Platform to connect their smart appliances & use REST API to manage their devices via their mobile application and voice controls via Alexa & Google assistance for an exceptional monitoring & control of devices from anywhere.

Sector :   Automotive


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Precis: IIT Delhi is one of the premier institute in India. They use Bevywise IoT simulator for their research. The have planned to simulate thousands of devices for testing their IoT devices / Application.

Sector :   Education




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Precis: I-Tech provides a smart home devices to automate & expedite home processes. They use MQTTRoute to connect their smart home gadgets to manage & control their devices.

Sector :   Home Automation


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Precis: Johnson & Johnson develops pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer packaged goods to achieve meaningful healthcare advancements. MQTTRoute has been used to collect information from their medical devices to manage and analyse data collected.

Sector :   Health & Pharma


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Precis: Celikler Holding is a conglomerate which uses Bevywise gateway to collect data from Modbus at power plant console & accumulates it with MQTTRoute to view data from anywhere & calculate the power generated to coal ratio for understanding their productivity.

Sector :   Energy Conservation      Case Study   

“Bevywise MQTT Broker is very reliable, powerful and a very affordable solution. The support understood our technical issues and solved them efficiently. We are happy for our decision to choose Bevywise for our Industry4.0 Implementation.”
Ihsan Gulec,

Measurement & Control Engineer, Celikler Holding. Turkey.


DWMZONE logo                                    MQTT Route Index Logo

Precis: DwmZone designed a device to monitor cattle health parameters. They use MQTTRoute to provide an enhanced visualization of cattle health for farm owners.

Sector :   Agriculture

“MQTTRoute provided us the necessary extendability for the custom storage option and enabled us for our Visualization. The support team helped us in craving the perfect end to end solution with their experience and expertise.”

Jon Li,

Co-Founder, Dwmzone. Ltd, China


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Precis: Thinh Phat Scientific Technological Materials provides technical science materials for Industrial Sectors. They connect their devices with Bevywise IoT platform & the dashboard has been customized to provide great visualization.

Sector :   Automation


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Precis: MasterTek provides retail management solutions for retailers. They use MQTTRoute for an effective process management to make an appealing retail management.

Sector :   Retail


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Precis: ACG provides integrated pharmaceutical solutions, manufacturing, packaging, research & development services for the pharmaceutical industry. They use MQTTRoute to collect data from multiple devices to have an impeccable & precise analysis.

Sector :   Healthcare & Pharma


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Precis: Global alarms is a safety & solution provider that provides fire alarm & fire fighting systems etc. They have integrated their customers HVAC systems related to Energy saving solutions, data monitoring with Bevywise IoT Platform to have their own customizable dashboards & for powerful analytics.

Sector :   Smart Building


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Precis: Arago Electric focus on design & manufacturing power train components for Electric vehicles. They use MQTTRoute for electric vehicle monitoring & tracking.

Sector :   Automotive



Precis: KL University is one of the best private universities in India. Research scholars in educational Institution KL University use  Bevywise IoT simulator to test their IoT research models.

Sector :   Smart Building


                              iot simulator index

Precis: Deakin University is one of Australia’s largest universities with world class research. They use Bevywise IoT Simulator for their students research based on IoT / Security.

Sector :   Education


CSIR-CMERI                              iot simulator index

Precis: CMERI is the national level research institute in the field of mechanical engineering in India. They use Bevywise IoT Simulator to teach students about IoT in their IoT Lab

Sector :   Education


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Precis: ASMA is a total Environment solution provider that provides Environment solutions for a better management. They use MQTT Broker for their Environment monitoring solutions.

Sector :   Environment Monitoring



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Precis: Tech Metro provides Industrial automation solution for Smart Manufacturing. They use a customized solution over the MQTTRoute to manage their devices remotely. Managing their devices remotely helps them save their support and maintenance time and cost to a larger extent.

Sector :   Device Management


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Precis: Macrotech offers a complete end-to-end service for managing a public Wi-Fi-Solution. They use the Bevywise IoT Platform to connect their smart appliances to monitor and control devices from anywhere.

Sector :   Hospitality Management


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Precis: Forbes Marshall is an Industrial solution provider providing steam engineering & control instrumentation solutions with their finest technology. They use MQTTRoute for modbus integration into SCADA systems to provide complete automation solutions for process Industry.

Sector :   Oil & Energy Industry



amromco-logo                 Romania flag   mqtt server index

Precis: Amromco Energy is Romania’s largest independent oil and gas producer. Amromco also focuses on redeveloping the underdeveloped fields through the application of new technologies. They use Bevywise IoT Platform to connect, monitor, and control their machines.

Sector :   Petroleum Industry


SAI APPLIED             Flag    mqtt route

Precis: Sai Applied provides automation and SCADA solution for water and waster water industry in India. They use MQTTRoute to connect their hardware to provide industrial automation and communication solutions for their customers.

Sector :   Automation



Indo MIM             Flag  MES

Precis: Indo MIM is a manufacturer of Metal Injection Molded parts with expertise in design, tooling, materials. They use Factovize MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to efficiently monitor and manage their  entire production line.

Sector :  Manufacturing


         Flag mqtt route

Precis: Sai Applied provides automation and SCADA solution for water and waster water industry in India. They use MQTTRoute to connect their hardware to provide industrial automation and communication solutions for their customers.

Sector :   Automation



Baker Hughes           Flag mqtt route

Precis: Baker Hughes is an industrial service company which provides solutions for the oil and gas industry. They use MQTTRoute with MQTT 5 & high availability support for their industrial / energy projects.

Sector :  Energy