Industrial IoT Gateway – Early Access

By Ranjith kumar DSM February 6, 2019

We are happy to announce a preview release of the Industrial IoT Gateway. This version collects data  from the industrial machines / equipment that supports Modbus protocol for interfacing. The gateway is designed in such a way to pull data out of the machines and convert them into MQTT.   Bevywise IoT Gateway can send the MQTT data to the IoT Platform or MQTT Broker. You will be able to set up the MQTT Broker / IoT Platform  at your own premises based on the need.  The gateway will also work with all  standard MQTT Platform  like Azure , AWS IoT , Google IoT Core , etc.,

Industrial IoT Gateway

The Industrial IoT Gateway comes with a configurable User Interface. The data location on the Modbus Slaves and the corresponding keys for interpreting the data can be configured easily from a browser window.  In the preview version, the industrial IoT gateway can be connected with a maximum of 10 Slaves. The query interval can be configured based on the severity of the process / machines that are monitored. The Industrial IOT Gateway is built in such a way that it ensures that the data loss is minimal with the local cache making sure the data is not lost when deployed in the low network availability.

Early Access

The Gateway can be run on Linux / Ubuntu , Windows 64 bit & Raspberry pi. We can make it work on any micro operating system based on the need. Do write to support or contact us for getting a preview of the Gateway.