IoT Home Security System using Bevywise MQTT Broker

By Ranjith kumar DSM October 15, 2018

There is an increasing need for the Home security system in the today’s world. IoT home security system with camera is the gaining more adoption as it can create instant alerts to users anywhere over the internet. The system also helps you control your appliance in home remotely. An article in A Secure life outlines the top 10 reasons why you should have a IoT Home security system. We are happy to see the MQTT Broker adoption for the Home Security. Here is how our customer in Taiwan built the home security solution over Bevywise MQTT Broker.

IoT Home Security System – Design

The IoT Home Security system was built to serve multiple customers. Each individual user will have their own configurable threshold values for the various values monitored. A dashboard for each user that can alarm and alert based on their own threshold value.

MQTT Broker is the middle ware that helps connect sensors and gateways to collect data and store it in any database or Big Data engine.

The eFon Technology, Taiwan has developed the edge product with all the sensors needed for monitoring the Temperature, Humidity, Co2, Smoke and a few more critical information. They build actuators to control Door & Windows. These sensors were connected to a gateway and from which the data is sent to the MQTT Broker. The Custom Store options of the MQTT Broker has been used to push the data to the Social application hosted separately. The Social application stores the mapping between the User gateway and the customer login to provide the corresponding alerts.

The configuration screen and the alarm screens are as show in the figures below.

IoT Home Security Implementation with MQTT Broker

Figure 1 – Configuring the Alarms for an Individual

IoT Home Security Implementation with MQTT Broker

Figure 2 – Live Data view for a particular individual.

The User dashboard also has support for the streaming of the camera data from the individual customers home. The widget has an option to configure the IP Address of the Camera by the individual user.

Bevywise Networks customized the Social Web premium edition to store the Customer values and also provided an option on MQTT Broker to pull the list of sensors of the particular customer based on the data pushed from the edge devices.


“ The team at Bevywise Networks is IoT domain and technology experts. Their expertise helped us converge on our implementation much easier and faster. We would be happy to recommend Bevywise for any IoT Implementation.”

– Shan Lin Chin, Efon Technology, Taiwan.

 You can download the complete case study from here.

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