Monitoring or measuring serves to be an effective step to move towards proactive decisions. Because, monitoring is necessary to be attentive to any anomaly, no matter how small, to keep close watch on components. Besides that, you will be able to act in consequence of any situation. One of our customers, FAB Controls is an IoT solution provider  in the United Kingdom who provide IoT solutions to the lighting and energy industries. EmMonIT is their exclusive emergency lighting control solution. Their emergency lighting control device effectively monitors lighting continuously to ensure it is fully operational.This is one of our  IoT Success stories of MQTTRoute implementation.

Foolproof Emergency lighting

EmMonIT constantly checks status for emergency lighting. Besides that,the data is collected securely and it can be accessible anywhere at anytime. Therefore, any faults identified can be notified to the relevant parties. The continuous monitoring provides a virtual foolproof way to take actionable decisions to address any issues.

To know more about Emergency Monitor IT visit FAB Controls website.

Role of MQTTRoute in Lighting control

MQTTRoute plays a vital role in their emergency monitoring solution. MQTTRoute acts a central broker and therefore it collects data from lighting control devices and pushes it to Google pubsub to create simple and real-time visualization of data. As a result,The MQTTRoute implementation addresses their need and provides them a complete solution. This is one of our  IoT Success stories.

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