DIY IoT Learning with integrated Machine learning training

IoT Learning made simple with most powerful tools for the MQTT. Allow students to start learning by doing smart exercises for any industrial use cases. Empower students to create commercial applications that can sell during their college days.

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IoT Learning made Simple without Hardware

IoT Simulator helps students to understand the data acquisition from various sensors and the kind of data needs to be acquired and sent. The data relationship in real time scenario. All the kind of edge data requirement analysis can be done without any hardware.


Conduct DIY Machine Learning Course

MQTT Broker python extensions enables students to analyse and the prepare the data in the format needed for the deeper data analysis.  Integrate the various Machine learning algorithms and python based ML packages like Scikit learn, Keras, etc to drive powerful data analysis as part of your  curriculum.


Data based AI decision making

The custom store module of the MQTTRoute helps you integrate the python code into the MQTT Broker to drive decisions on the new data received from the edge devices and activate other devices are send notifications to the UI or to the mail notifications as required.

Build Commercial and Research oriented Solutions

Colleges and Institution can build Student Incubation program to expose their students to a greater IoT environment to build research and commercial application that can serve humanity for a larger goal. It is a goal oriented study with a deeper understanding of a wider range of technologies.

Benefits of IoT in education

IoT For Education Bundles

Research Edition


Available exclusively to students and faculty

  • Enabled high customization using python
  • Implement data analysis & advanced data presentation

Special Edition


The most common license for single user

  • Exclusively for a Single User 
  • Simulator or MQTT Broker for local installation

University Edition


For management ideal to share among institution

  • Common server to value student based on project
  • Simulator & custom MQTT clients for their application

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