Enterprise IoT Platform for Solution providers

Start Managing your Customers & their IOT Devices Today

Everything you need to create and deploy an end to end IoT application. Start focusing on your core business by leveraging Bevywise IoT Platform and host it in your Brand. Stop rebuilding from scratch & focus on reaching more customers faster.


Powerful service provider console to manage your customers usage & allowances

Set license limits and monitor your customers usage of the IoT platform & also device errors. Create custom dashboards for your customers from the solution provider console.

Empower your users to manage their devices & visualize Data


Connect & Collect

Connect any of your smart devices / gateways and have a control on each device connectivity behind the gateway. Works with MQTT, MQTT-SN, TCP & Websocket. Secure device authentication & communication using TLS/SSL.


Manage multiple customers under one platform / framework. Let customers have separate user login and IoT data view for device management and to create their own dashboards & rules for their devices.

Storage & Visualization

Supports storage of data in any relational databases & big data engine. Custom dashboards & 10+ live widgets to get perfect view of your IoT real-time data. Get the visual form of collected data in the way you desire.

Rules & Actions

Create scenario based rules & schedule triggers to automate your device actions with rule engine. Create real-time actions & generate alerts & notifications to forward alert messages on mobile, mail & web UI.

Administrator Console

Manage each tenant with an admin console by bringing all your customers on board. Deploy customization and rules for tenants & their devices to have a granular control over each tenant individually.

Real-time comparison Reports

Visualize your data in the form of graphs & charts by generating individual device data, Device to Device & Historical comparison report. Create valid interpretations of historical events beyond a specific date & time for analyzing the data.

Device Groups & Permissions

Get granular control to group devices / machines based on departments to manage the performance of each department. Assign users & permission to each device group to push any actions to device group with a single click.

Multi-Language support

Let your user interface speak your customer’s language to impress & delight your customer and IoT partner with your application. Visualize IoT dashboard in a language you desire. Start localizing your visualization to your Industry.

Data Administration & Analysis

Deploy your custom machine learning algorithm for advanced artificial intelligence and IoT / IIoT application development. Supports data export of device or particular parameter. Get data back at regular intervals to your cloud storage.

Extend IoT Platform

Develop end to end IoT solutions and perform advanced IoT analytics with application enablement platforms by deploying custom hooks & modules. REST API, Mobile SDK, FCM Integration & Data interception to build customer centric, mobile / desktop and web application.

Deployment & Monitoring

Micro cloud service architecture which supports hosting on premise or on any private cloud VM. White labelling to set up IoT platform as your own IoT product / service with your own branding. Supports effective monitoring, data processing & inbuilt self-healing.

MES over IoT Platform

How Platform helps in building Industrial IoT Solutions

We have built our Industry 4.0 solution – Manufacturing execution system completely over our IoT Platform. The IoT Cloud Platform has been made more flexible to enable you to add your components at any part of the system.

What are our customers saying?



The key aspect of the decision to use Bevywise as the IoT Platform provider for our needs is definitely the customer oriented approach they have. A direct conversation with a knowledgeable manager rather than deferring to a sales person or an automated commuter is definitely an important feature for us. This along with the continued support and collaboration interaction of their team is what sets Bevywise apart from the rest of providers screened before


CEO, Versatron Smart Networks


Take pride with your Brand

The platform can be completely rebranded and hosted as your own application. Impress your customers by building IoT technology solution, device / data management under your brand & faster time to market.