Data Visualization reports
Reports have a huge impact on any business, or Industry. Reports communicate information & explore a series of trends that any part of the business / industry has caused or accelerated. The goal of reporting is to convey / dispatch a specific data with an intelligible intend to a target audience. Despite of size or… Read More
Hema September 22, 2020

Introduction The MQTT protocol communicates by exchanging a series of predefined MQTT control packets. The MQTT packets consist of up to three parts in the following order as a 2-byte fixed header that appears in all MQTT packets, Variable Headers, and Payload that appear in some MQTT packets. This document describes how to format an… Read More
Lakshmi Deepa S September 15, 2020

production monitoring solution over mqtt broker
In today’s global economy, manufacturing industries cannot gamble becoming ineffective and incompetent. The production reality in today’s increasingly competitive world claims competence and quality with endless and bettered processes. It is carping to lessen the production costs, strengthen production line and machine use and adaptability to improve not only product quality but services as well.… Read More
Hema September 8, 2020

Modbus SCADA integration
The strength of technology in building, monitoring & controlling the machinery has become an imperishable part of the Industrial world and Industries have long adapted it. Compiling data & receiving commands in and out of the shop floor, around megalopolis and in energy & power plants have been in place for ages. However, Manufacturing industries… Read More
Hema September 1, 2020

User management administrator console
Tracking, Monitoring & Managing connected devices is indispensable as several hundred thousand or millions of devices connected in IoT / IIoT deployments. Ensuring whether the connected devices work properly & securely is a much-needed one to have a smoother functioning of business / industry. Likewise, the securing the connected devices, tracking its condition, spotting anomalies… Read More
Hema August 18, 2020

Secure Enterprise MQTT Broker
We all know that our world is more connected. Billions of intelligent tools and machines are generating enormous amounts of data, which creates enormous potential for businesses and other organizations to optimize their operations and achieve efficiency. As IoT devices continue to evolve, every newly connected product is vulnerable to hackers, and security turns into… Read More
Lakshmi Deepa S August 11, 2020

Predictive Maintenance in manufacturing
Manufacturing Industry is the fast growing industry which is expected to continue to grow in the next few years. However, there are some complex internal challenges every manufacturing is facing today. One such challenge which has a great impact in the Industry’s production line is Downtime. Each & every production & manufacturing sector faces machine… Read More
Hema August 4, 2020

IoT technology is used to make the transportation and logistics industry increasingly effective and solid. Fleet management systems play an important role in the transportation system. Here we have depicted the Bevywise MQTTRoute which gives the technology required to track associated fleets. Bevywise MQTTRoute is a profoundly extendable, adaptable, and versatile MQTT Broker utilized for… Read More
Lakshmi Deepa S July 28, 2020

Manufacturing Industry trends
“The only thing that never changes is change itself ― D.B Coulson”. Every day something new in technology is rising and it is replacing something good with the best. Likewise, digital perspective is changing the manufacturing industry. As industrial revolution has an effect on manufacturing since decades, now digital transformation is at the helm of… Read More
Hema July 21, 2020